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High Quality Lead Generation in a Box. Think it’s too good to be true? Then read on…

As a lead buyer, when was the last time you got a batch of leads and said “wow, these are excellent quality”? It is probably not often, right?

All too often leads generated via the internet do not take advantage of industry best practices.

- Data validated by a third party source (e.g. phone numbers, identities).
- Lead tracking down to the source level.
- Real time data receipt with IP addresses & date/time stamp.
- A sales process to track & monitor leads through to acquisition.
- Market pricing to get the quality and volume required for ROI.

Most Advertisers think it’s easy to generate leads – just slap up a landing page, with a form, and get results. This is just not true. Clients lose money doing this because they often lack the expert guidance and tools they think are cost prohibitive. In this economy, however, lead buyers can’t afford to make mistakes.

Rex Direct Net has launched a revolutionary and proprietary custom lead generation marketing platform called TargetMatrex. Designed and built with high quality custom leads in mind, clients are quick to adapt it and love it, because it works. It allows lead buyers who are new to the industry or who are frustrated with their current online strategy to harness the power of the internet. Here are some of TargetMatrex’s key features:

- Real time identity and phone number validation
- Built in qualification
- Source id tracking down to the lead level
- Targeted Media Buying
- Creative Services
- Expert consultation with eye on ROI results

Do your leads come with all that? If not, consider this solution.  Contact us for a free consultation.

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What some of our clients say...
Direct Marketing Company

Prior to launching our campaign on the TargetMatrex marketing platform, we lost money. Now we see a return on our investment month after month. The quality of the customized lead program is very high. Plus it was fast and easy to implement.

- CEO, Direct Marketing Consultant

Medical Consulting Company

So far the lead quality has been excellent. We are impressed with how fast you developed a customized lead program for our company.

- Online Marketing Director, Medical Supply Co.